Annalyse is a senior

by littlemoments0

She’s almost 18, a grown woman. Dreaming of what college to attend, what life will be like once she is no longer in high school. The fears and excitement of moving away from home.

I love this girl like a sister. Close enough since she is my cousin… I think when she was 4, I first started bringing her horseback riding with me. We spend hours on the trails, spotting deer, picking berries on horseback. I have precious memories of our time spent on my old horse Skeeter. I remember when she couldn’t reach the stirrups even when i had them at the shortest. I said, ‘oh well, that will teach you to hang on with your thighs!’ Then before long, I didn’t have to adjust the stirrups because her legs were as long as mine.

It’s been such a pleasure to watch Annalyse grow into a mature young woman. I hope if I have a daughter someday, she’ll be just as sweet, caring and beautiful as my cousin.

Lysie decided on a four-season shoot. This is #1. I am very excited to watch her grow and change over the next 10 months.

I’m wiping away my tears now and posting my favorite pictures from our summer session.