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Annalyse is a senior

She’s almost 18, a grown woman. Dreaming of what college to attend, what life will be like once she is no longer in high school. The fears and excitement of moving away from home.

I love this girl like a sister. Close enough since she is my cousin… I think when she was 4, I first started bringing her horseback riding with me. We spend hours on the trails, spotting deer, picking berries on horseback. I have precious memories of our time spent on my old horse Skeeter. I remember when she couldn’t reach the stirrups even when i had them at the shortest. I said, ‘oh well, that will teach you to hang on with your thighs!’ Then before long, I didn’t have to adjust the stirrups because her legs were as long as mine.

It’s been such a pleasure to watch Annalyse grow into a mature young woman. I hope if I have a daughter someday, she’ll be just as sweet, caring and beautiful as my cousin.

Lysie decided on a four-season shoot. This is #1. I am very excited to watch her grow and change over the next 10 months.

I’m wiping away my tears now and posting my favorite pictures from our summer session.


J & M

Thanks guys for letting me ‘play’ with you. Love you both!

Torri & Lucy

Beautiful evening, check. Beautiful girls, check! I had the hardest time narrowing down a preview, so I decided to make this a large share.


These two young ladies are going to be freshmen this year, so full of energy, life and giggles. I approached them at Shipwreck days in Anacortes when I spotted them looking through my albums. I desperately hoped they wouldn’t think I was a freak when I offered to take their pictures in exchange for some word of mouth business.


They anxiously agreed to call me and within days I received a call from their mothers and we set a date.


Ladies, you were a joy to photograph! Maybe we will do this again someday.

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

Finally finished editing this wonderful family session! Hardly any editing at all actually this family is so photogenic. We planned to have our shoot out in open fields near the base of the foothills. But rain clouds came in and kicked us out. So last minute phone calls and we headed out to bayview. The weather was perfect.

Thank you Becky, you have a lovely family!

Family Reunion

Families are like fudge – mostly sweet with a few nuts
– Author Unknown

This past weekend, I was invited to shoot a family reunion. My first thought was NO! A group of 24 was more then I ever wanted. But I said yes, and I’m glad I did. It’s always such a joy for me to be able to spend a short time getting to know families.

I broke my record with the amount of pictures I took and it is taking me twice as long to go through them all! Here are some of my favorite so far. Enjoy! ~

i’m on a black and white kick!